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Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Optimus Prime Toy

Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Optimus Prime Toy

Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Optimus Prime Toy

“At the end of this day, one shall stand; one shall fall.” This dialogue has a special place in the hearts of Transformers fans over the years. Remember the iconic battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons, especially the Optimus Prime?

You can also join them using the Optimus Prime Toy Version. If you are a Transformer fan and want to increase your collection of iconic character toys, this could be a great choice.

However, if you are a parent or someone thinking about giving your or any kid an interactively creative gift, then the Optimus Prime Toy is the one you should consider.

No matter who you are, knowing how to change the toy poses is essential for successful playtime. This step-by-step guide to transforming Optimus Prime Toy is easy for kids to understand. You can help yourself as a kid, or the elderly can help kids transform their toys following this quick guide.

We'll be focusing specifically on transforming Blokees Optimus Prime figures. Blokees is renowned for its high-quality, detailed figures, which give you the original feeling of playing with Transformers characters.


Blokees Magic Transformer Toy Series

1. Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out


Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out

Price: $6.99

Step into the thrilling world of Transformers with Blokees' Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out series. These toys allow you to build your favorite Transformers characters, making playtime fun and creative. Each character is intricately designed with high-quality materials and movable joints, offering endless possibilities for dynamic poses. Each set has 9 cool Transformers figures with one possible secret figure. With a surprise element in every box, you might even discover a rare, special edition figure!



● Includes 9 cool figures (May have 1 secret figure)

● Officially licensed Transformers characters (build Optimus Prime, Megatron, etc.)

● Assembly character toys (snap together the pieces)

● Easy assembly (no glue or tools required)

● Recommended for ages 10+

● Weapon accessories included

● Display stand included


●  Collect surprise Transformers figures

● Build iconic characters yourself

● Interactive assembly & poseable figures

● Easy, tool-free construction (Ages 10+)

● Includes weapons & display stands


  • Fun hands-on building experience.
  • Officially licensed Transformers characters.
  • Great for kids ages 10 and up.
  • Encourages creativity and collecting.
  • Each figure is unique, ensuring a diverse collection.


    • Not safe for kids under 3 years because of small parts.
    • Once opened, individual surprise figures cannot be returned or exchanged.


    2. Blokees Figures - Transformers Galaxy Version 02 SOS


    Blokees Figures - Transformers Galaxy Version 02 SOS

    Price: $6.99

    Unbox the excitement with Blokees Transformers Galaxy Version 02 SOS series. These surprise assembly toys bring the action-packed Transformers universe right into your hands. Perfect for kids aged 10 and up, each box contains a unique figure from the iconic Autobots and Decepticons, like Optimus Prime and Grimlock. Detailed sculpting and multiple points of articulation make these figures ideal for both play and display, ensuring hours of engaging fun.


    Key Features:

    • Surprise assembly toys from the Transformers universe.
    • Includes characters like Optimus Prime (IDW) and Grimlock.
    • Made from durable ABS plastic, suitable for ages 10 and up.
    • Each figure has detailed sculpting and movable parts.


    • Fun and engaging building experience for Transformers fans.
    • Collectible with unique, randomly packed figures.
    • High-quality construction with detailed sculpting and painting.
    • Encourages creativity and imaginative play through assembly and display.


    • You might get duplicate figures when buying multiple surprise boxes.
    • Not safe for kids under 3 years due to small parts.


    3. Blokees Figures | Transformers Classic Class


    Blokees Figures | Transformers Classic ClassBlokees Figures | Transformers Classic Class

    Price: $13.99

    Experience the nostalgia and excitement of Transformers with Blokees Transformers Classic Class. Designed for kids aged 12 and up, this DIY model kit features beloved Transformer characters with over 20 movable joints. Made from durable ABS material, these figures are easy to assemble without the need for tools or glue. All figures even have glowing features, making them perfect for imaginative play and impressive displays.


    Key Features:

    • Officially licensed by Hasbro.
    • Made from durable ABS material.
    • 20+ movable joints for dynamic poses.
    • Have glowing features.
    • No tools, glue, or cutters are needed for assembly


      • Officially Licensed Transformers Blokees Figures
      • Easy Assembly, No Tools Needed
      • Quality ABS Material
      • Fully Poseable with over 20 Movable Joints


        • Authentic Hasbro licensing.
        • Easy assembly for beginners.
        • High possibility for fun play.
        • Glowing features add extra coolness.
        • Durable construction for long-lasting enjoyment.


          • Small parts require careful handling.
          • Limited international shipping options.

             Details About Optimus Prime's Transformation


            Details About Optimus Prime's Transformation

            Let’s learn a bit more about Optimus Prime’s Transformation.


            Evolution of Optimus Prime's Design

            Optimus Prime has evolved throughout different Transformers series, holding its core concept. The Classic Class Optimus Prime  is an early favorite for many people. It had more of a blocker design than what we see now.

            Its legs were folded from the sides of the car bed, the arms tucked neatly beneath the cab, and the chest formed from the front of the car. But now Optimus Prime has a sleek, angular design.

            You will see the marks of modern toy engineering and a more detailed robot in the new Optimus Prime design. His legs transform from the car's underside, the arms cleverly fold out from behind the cab, and the chest emerges from a combination of panels.

            Key Components and Mechanisms

            The main part of the car, the cab, becomes the center of his robot body. Optimus Prime's legs and arms are hidden inside the car.

            When he transforms, his legs bend at the hips and knees like ours, and his arms bend at the shoulders and elbows. Unique panels on the car slide open to reveal these hidden robot parts.

            Importance of Accuracy

            Transforming Optimus Prime accurately is important for two key reasons.

            To Look Good

            Transforming Optimus Prime correctly makes him look like a cool robot. If you mess up transforming it accurately, his parts might not line up right, and the gaps might look weird.

            To Save It From Damage

            If you don't transform Optimus Prime carefully, you might break it. Forcing the pieces can damage the little parts that help him change poses and back again. Following the instructions will keep your Optimus Prime in tip-top shape.


            Preparation and Tools

            Choosing the Right Optimus Prime Toy

            There are tons of Optimus Prime toys, each with its own difficulty level for transforming. This guide is for the cool robots from the Transformers Prime series. Here's what to pick:

            Deluxe Class

            These figures are a good combination of balanced size, complexity, and affordability. They are also very easy to transform, which is why they are ideal for kids or someone who has just started collecting Optimus Primes.

            Voyager Class

            These models have a thicker outlook than the deluxe class toys. They have more details, and the transformation process is a bit different and requires minimal creativity. These often include additional features like weapon accessories or light-up elements.

            Leader Class

            These are the biggest and most detailed Optimus Primes, with the most critical transformations. They're fantastic for grown-up collectors who love tiny details and a challenging change.

            Essential Tools

            Most Optimus Prime toys don't need any special tools to transform. But some trickier ones might have screws. If that's the case, a small screwdriver will help you out.

            Safe Firstly

            Some Optimus Primes, especially the smaller ones, have tiny parts that could be choking hazards for little kids. Always watch young kids when they're playing with Transformers.

            Don't force anything when you're transforming Optimus Prime. If something feels stuck, check the instructions or look online for help.


            Troubleshooting and Common Issues

            Even the bravest Autobot can encounter occasional difficulties during transformation. The following are ways to identify and address some common issues you might face with your Optimus Prime figure.

            Identifying Loose or Broken Parts

            Loose Joints

            After frequently transforming the Optimus Prime, some joints might become loose. This may cause floppy limbs or difficulty holding poses. A gentle wiggle test will help identify these.

            Broken Parts

            Parts might break due to rough handling or manufacturing defects rarely. Look for cracks, missing pieces, or components that detach unintentionally.

            Stuck Mechanisms

            Sometimes, a mechanism might get stuck due to misalignment or dirt build-up. This can happen when transforming between poses or when a part hasn't been appropriately positioned.

            Solutions for Common Problems

            Loose Joints

            Many of these figures have screws that can be tightened to improve joint stability. If your figure has those, gently tighten them with a screwdriver of the appropriate size. Avoid over-tightening, as this can damage the screws or the joint itself.

            Broken Parts

            Having broken parts is troublesome and there is no DIY fix to it. If your Optimus Prime is under warranty, you might be able to get a replacement from the manufacturer.

            Stuck Mechanisms

            While transforming, if any part of the robot's body makes you feel stuck, do not push it hard. It may seem to require more pushing than usual or not moving at all. This can happen if you accidentally misalign or move a part incorrectly.

            In such a case, check if you have followed the instructions and moved it correctly. If the parts are aligned, you can use a small amount of lubricant to free the rigid parts from moving. Choose a lubricant made specifically for plastic toys.

            Avoiding Common Mistakes

            • Follow the steps correctly to ensure a smooth transformation. Also, be patient and do not rush the transformation.
            • If it feels stuck in the middle of the transformation, do not put too much pressure on it, as the parts might break. Go through the instructions again to fix the issue.
            • Always handle your Optimus Prime gently. It needs only a bit of pressure to transform or move the parts effortlessly.
            • It might seem that you do not need an instruction guide for such a small transformation, but you will realize that following the instructions is important when you work with it.


            The History of Optimus Prime's Transformation


            The History of Optimus Prime's Transformation

            When you think about Transformation, what's the first thing that hits your mind? The cool scenes when this changes poses and back again when needed, right? It is what makes Transformation unique. However, their transformation styles have changed over the years.

            The first Optimus Prime, released in 1984, had a simple transformation mechanism. It used to transform by unfolding his legs from the car's side beds. Untucking the arms from the front and the robot's chest used to become the car's front. It was already cool for kids back then.

            Then, Transformers got newer TV shows and movies and started making changes. The design of the Optimus Prime had more details, and the parts were made more flexible to move and bend.

            In some alterations, even the weapons had transformation capabilities. So, playing with Optimus Prime toys with the newest features became more fun for kids. The best part of the Transformation is that it motivates kids to use their creativity while playing.

            Beyond The Transformation

            Transformation is not just about one specific character or limited to one plot. It is a universe of amazing characters and gameplay. Once you become proficient with Optimus Prime, you may want to explore the other characters or other versions of toys.

            • Some of the most popular characters are Transformers Prime Toys Megatron and Transformers Prime Toys Bumblebee. Other Transformers Prime Toys sets could also be good options to enrich your transformation game journey.
            • You can also collect the cool Transformation toy figures from Blokees store.
            • Different e-commerce platforms often bring exclusive versions or old Transformation toys. Getting these can add to your collection. 

            More Ways to Play

            In terms of gameplay, Optimus Prime never lets you stick to the same boring gameplay. It gives you a lot of different ways to play.

            • You can make fighting stories about Optimus Prime with Megatron, as shown in Transformers Prime.
            • Make Optimus Prime and Bumblebee a team and make them fight against the Decepticons. What a fantastic team they would make!
            • Your Optimus Prime can also fight aliens single-handedly. Deep dive into your imagination world.

            Transformers Fan Club

            Limiting yourself to playing with Optimus Prime or Transformation characters alone is not wise. Join the Transformers community, which includes fans who love and cherish Transformers like you. You can discuss your collection, share pictures, and meet other fans there.


            Blokees Transformers: A Closer Look

            Blokees is committed to delivering high-quality, durable, and detailed toys to its customers. We offer a variety of toy figures from different franchises for kids and adult collectors.

            We believe that building can fuel endless creation and drive imagination. So, we always put our customers' needs as our first priority. Get your favorite Optimus Prime figure Transformer from Blokees today.



            Is Transformers Prime for kids?

            Transformers Prime is made for kids. It has lots of exciting adventures with robots that can be transformed into poses. Kids enjoy watching the battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

            Is Optimus still a Prime?

            Optimus is still a Prime. He is the leader of the Autobots and has the special title of "Prime," which means he is very important and has a lot of responsibility in the Transformers universe.

            Are Transformers toys valuable?

            Some Transformers toys can be very valuable, especially if they are old, rare, or in good condition. Collectors often look for special editions or toys that are no longer made, which can make them worth a lot of money.

            What is the oldest transformer toy?

            The oldest Transformers toy is from the original line called "Transformers G1" (Generation 1), which came out in 1984. One of the first toys was Optimus Prime.


            As you've come this far reading, I hope that now you understand the Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Optimus Prime Toy. To get the best results in transformation, follow the instructions and gently handle the Optimus Prime.

            Whether you are a longtime Transformer fan or a newbie, Blokees Transformer figures will make the journey easier. If you still have any queries, comment below or contact us to learn more about Blokees and the excellent figures we offer.

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