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Top 12 Toy Companies & Manufacturers

Top 12 Toy Companies & Manufacturers

Top 12 Toy Companies & Manufacturers

Wondering which toy companies & manufacturers would be top for your child? Don’t worry! In this article, we will discuss the top 12 toy companies & manufacturers in the world. Also, know the toy companies' history, product prices, and industry relationships.

Furthermore, the best toys play an important role in a kid's mental development and cognitive abilities. They help toddlers' bones and muscles grow strong and healthy while also inspiring their creativity and expanding their minds.

However, not all of them can be trusted when it comes to dependability. Here are the top 12 toy companies & manufacturers working with famous brands nationally and internationally like Disney, Hasbro, Pokemon, Ultraman, and Transformers.

12 top toy companies in the world

As per the exploration by “Blokees Group, the top toy companies are increasing new toy lines that appeal to a variety of age groups, including children of changed ages, or creating toys that are educational and interactive.

Further driving the market for 12 top toy companies, they are focusing on digital platforms, such as websites, e-commerce, and mobile apps to reach more customers and offer them a suitable shopping experience.

Now, learn about opportunities, challenges, and trends in the world's 12 top toy companies & manufacturers with the Blokees market research information.

Here are given below:

  1. LEGO Group.
  2. Mattel, Inc.
  3. Hasbro, Inc.
  4. Bandai Namco Holdings.
  5. Spin Master Corp.
  6. MGA Entertainment.
  7. Fisher-Price.
  8. Funskool Ltd.
  9. Playmobil (Brand of Brandstätter Group).
  10. Clementoni Spa.
  11. TOMY Company Ltd.
  12. Thinkfun Inc.

LEGO Group. (Europe)

LEGO is a Danish company and the world's largest manufacturer of plastic construction toys. It was established in 1932.

LEGO products are sold in numerous states and are enjoyed by kids and adults similarly. It is best known for the iconic Lego brick and its related products including LEGO Batman, LEGO Super Mario, LEGO Spider-Man, video games, and films.

Otherwise, it is dedicated to sustainability, aiming to reduce its environmental impact and create a helpful social impact. LEGO toys are expensive but suit a wide age group starting from 1 to 18-year-old customers.

Mattel, Inc.

Once it comes to the US's complete best toy companies, no list is complete without bringing up Mattel Inc. It was established in 1945.  Mattel Inc. is an American worldwide toy manufacturing company that is best known for turning out iconic brands, such as Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price American Girl, and Barbie.

Moreover, its popular toy companies also manufacture games and puzzles. The firm has multiple featured brands, including Star Wars, and Thomas & Friends. Even though the toys are available at different prices but are quite affordable.

Hasbro, Inc.

American multinational is an Incorporation association that is known for manufacturing kids’ toys. With offices in several countries around the world, it has become an international leader in the industry. It was made in 1923.

Presently, the company has around 1500 toy brands, including ‘Power Rangers, Transformers, Disney Princess, Nerf, Play-Doh, and Star Wars such as Monopoly, it has been a leading manufacturer of board games.

Otherwise, the company's core product categories include action figures, dolls, games, puzzles, preschool toys, boys’ toys, and entertainment products. Even these toy companies are suitable for adults over the age of 18.

Bandai Namco Holdings

Bandai Namco Holdings, Inc. is involved in the development, production, and sale of entertainment-related products and services.

The company was established on September 29, 2005. The Bandai Namco Holdings of local companies USA Inc., provide dreams, fun, and motivation through digital, toys, hobbies, and walkway entertainment.

Bandai Namco has the most popular toy lines, such as Gundam models, power rangers, tablet toys, trades toys, cards, plastic model stationery, sundries, prizes, and more.

The Toys and Hobby section manufactures and trades toys, tablet toys, cards, confectionery and foods, apparel, plastic model stationery, sundries, prizes, and other products.

Spin Master Corp.

Spin Master is a Canadian multinational kid’s entertainment company that designs, manufactures, develops, and markets a variety of toys.

It was established in 1994. Creating exceptional play experiences through its three creative centers: Entertainment, toys, and digital sports.

 The company is best known for its prized products. It has also acted as a global licensee for popular brands, such as PAW Patrol, Sago Mini, Hatchimals, Toca Boca, and Marvel.

Moreover, to its product portfolio, it is also involved in the production and distribution of television and film content. Spin Master employs more than 2,000 team members worldwide and has more than 30 offices.

Plus, it remains dedicated to producing original products and skills that spark dreams and joy in kids around the globe.

MGA Entertainment.

Its products include Bratz, Num Noms, Lalaloopsy, and Rainbow High, as well as toy companies targeted at boys such as Scan2Go. MGA introduced its Lalaloopsy brand in 2010 accompanied by the tagline "Sew Magical, Sew Cute. in 1979.

Its products include Bratz dolls, L.O.L. Dolls, Num Noms, Lalaloopsy, and Rainbow High, as well as toys targeted at boys such as Scan2Go. MGA also owns Little Tikes and animation studio MGA Studios.


Fisher-Price is helping the juvenile division by offering educational toys for kids. It was made in 1930. There are 5000 or more toys.

 Headquartered in New York, United States, the company makes its mark in the American toy industry as one of the renowned toy companies.

However, some of the notable brands of Fisher-Price are Dora the Explorer, Power Wheels, and Chatter Telephone. The company offers many toys for children from zero to more than five years of age.

Funskool Ltd.

Funskool Ltd. is an Indian toy production company; that was established in 1987. It produces a varied range of toys, ranging from board games, card games, dolls, puzzles, action figures, and stuffed toys.

 Which is famous for producing excellent toys at reasonable prices. Its products go through a tough quality control method to ensure that they are safe and suitable for kids. Funskool’s products are designed to attract kids aged between 0 and 14+ years.

Funskool Ltd.'s portfolio includes some of the world’s most popular toy companies, including Monopoly, Play-Doh, Operation, Memory, Ludo, Connect 4, and many more.

Playmobil (Brand of Brandstatter Group).

Playmobil comes in Germany’s top toy brandstatter group. Its figures are manufactured of high-quality plastic and are known for their small size, colorful design, and detailed features.

The toy companies are particularly steep and designed for kids from the ages of 4 to 12. It is the parent company of several well-known brands, including Ravensburger and Playmobil.

Otherwise, the “Palace” playset toy is also very popular among kids. The company also produces numerous playsets and fixtures that can be united to create a variety of acts and scenarios.

Clementoni Spa.

Clementoni Spa is an Italian toy manufacturer that specializes in producing educational toys for children of all ages.

It is the largest Italian toy company. It works with educational specialists to create products that are both enjoyable and educational.

Whatever, the company produces a wide range of items, ranging from science kits, board games, electronic toys, and jigsaw puzzles.

Moreover, The Company provides games and game sets for adults and children. Clementoni Spa serves customers in Italy.

TOMY Company Ltd.

Tomy Company Ltd. is a Japanese toy and game manufacturer that is known for its inclusive range of products.

 Its product lineup embraces a variety of toys and games, such as remote-controlled cars, electronic toys, action figures, board games, and educational toys.

 In addition to its toy and game products, including film production, animation, and customer support available 24/7. Tomy Company Ltd. is also involved in numerous other toy companies.

Thinkfun Inc.

Thinkfun Inc. is one of the world’s chief manufacturers of educational and entertaining games and puzzles. It was established in 1985. Its core product line includes board games, puzzles, card games, electronic games, and other games.

Its products are designed to influence precarious thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.

Otherwise, Thinkfun Inc. has a long history of making ground-breaking toys, games, and puzzles that are fun, attractive, and learning.

Blokees Transformers

Blokees” playsets offer endless creative possibilities and challenging builds. Blokees Work with famous brands like Disney, Hasbro, Pokemon, Ultraman, Transformers, and other brands.

“Blokees” is dedicated to creating highly detailed model figures, kits, and collectibles for all ages collections from younger kids to knowledgeable collectors. Here is the list of “Blokees” playsets:

  1. Beachcomber Fan Art.
  2. New Display pics of Classic class Bayverse 07 Optimus & Megatron kits.
  3. Some G1 Galaxy ver VOL4 promo pics.
  4. Promo vid for BayverseB
  5. More '07 Blokees images.

Old toy companies

Most of the old toy companies were made between 1890 and 1935 but we do have pictures, catalogs, and a list of toys made up to the 1970s. Here is a list of ten old toy companies given below:

  1. Kelmet Corp.
  2. G&L Lines and Tri-ang Lines Bros. Ltd.
  3. Kingston Products Corp.
  4. Ernest Lehmann Co.
  5. Georg Levy.
  6. Manoil Mfg.
  7. Louis Marx & Company.
  8. Mattel Creations/Mattel. Inc.
  9. Johann Phillip Meïer/Meir.
  10. Mohawk Metal Toy Company.

Biggest toy companies

The “LEGO” global banks have the most significant share of this manufacturing's revenue, The biggest toy companies. 

In 2021, This key player made nearly $8.5 billion and continues to hold its position in the market. The LEGO Group made $7.3 billion as the fiscal year 2022 ended. A list of some of the biggest toy companies has been given:

  1. Barbie.
  2. LEGO.
  3. Funko.
  4. Fisher-Price.
  5. Bandai.
  6. Mattel.
  7. Hot Wheels.
  8. Tripple Ess Toys Private Ltd.
  9. Khanna Toys Corporation.
  10. Crescent Toys.

Famous toy companies

Mattel Inc. is an American international toy manufacturing company that is famous for producing iconic companies. The global toys market has several famous toy companies including such as:

1. Clementoni Spa.

2. American Girl.

3. Hot Wheels.

4. The Rubik's Cube.

5. Mattel Inc.

6. Pressman Toy Corporation (Goliath B.V.).

7. Simba Dickie Group.

8. Tomy Company Ltd.

9. Vermont Teddy Bear.

10. Maple Landmark.


What is the biggest toy company?

LEGO is the most valuable and biggest toy brand in the world. Driven by a year of strong sales growth, the brand opened 147 new LEGO-branded stores worldwide.

It has participated in renewable vitality sources to power its factories and has dedicated to using secondhand materials in its merchandise.

What is the most popular toy brand?

From “LEGO's” reign as the top toy brand to the evolving landscape of online toy sales, these statistics offer a glimpse into the dynamic and ever-growing toy industry.

Also, there are other brands Hasbro, Inc. Spin Master Corp, MGA Entertainment, and Funko, Inc.

Which company is best for toys?

“LEGO” accounted for the highest annual revenue and it is the major player in the toy industry.

On the other hand, the global toys market has several major players including Clementoni Spa, Funskool Ltd., Hasbro Inc., Spin Master, Thinkfun Inc. Playmobil (Brandstätter Group), Tomy Company Ltd, and more.

Who is the leading toy manufacturer?

Over the years, the ordinary size of LEGO sets has improved from around 100 pieces to thousands.

However, based on the trend for massive sets, we can only anticipate the LEGO Group leading toy manufacturer and biggest company.

LEGO had the highest annual revenue among the selected toy companies, generating more than US$9.7 billion in annual revenue.

Final Thought

“Blokees”, I hope you enjoyed our list of the top 12 toy companies & manufacturers made in the world. We hope that parents will keep these factors in mind when the supermarket runs for their kids.

 “Blokees is enthusiastic to create delicate perfect figures and collectible items in different sizes for all age companies. They can take advantage of their community and the environment while also providing first-class and safe toys to your children.

The toy companies have also realized the importance of aligning fun with learning and have started to develop and create toys that boost the imagination of children and also bring them joy and happiness.

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