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Top 5 Small Surprise Boxes for Kids

Top 5 Small Surprise Boxes for Kids

Top 5 Small Surprise Boxes for Kids

Have you ever watched a kid’s face when they opened a surprise  box, eyes sparkling with anticipation, wondering what’s inside? Just think about the same excitement for your kids with a surprise  box! You know the surprise  boxes are an ultimate pack of appeal for the kids who just love the items of surprises and feel excited to discover the hidden treasures.

The concept of the surprise  box is very simple. It is a surprise  package filled with toys and activities based on specific themes. Although there are a number of brands offering surprise  boxes, Blokees stands out among all as it offers high-quality and exciting surprise  boxes that are specially designed for kids.

However, to clear all the confusion and to assist you in the way of choosing we have brought about an ultimate guide on top 5 small surprise  boxes for kids. All you need to keep on reading. 

Let’s go through the allure of surprise  boxes below in detail.

Top 5 Small Surprise Boxes for Kids

 As you see, surprise  boxes for kids are a fantastic way to spark the curiosity of children and enhance their learning process. Whether you are looking for a one-time treat or monthly surprises, we have got all covered here. 

Here are the 5 Best surprise  boxes for kids which have good reviews and are popular among the children and kids.

1. Blokees Transformer Toys Surprise Box: The Best Surprise Box For Kids

Blokees Transformer Toys Surprise Box: The Best Surprise Box For Kids
Blokees Transformer Toys Surprise Box: The Best Surprise Box For Kids
Blokees Transformer Toys Surprise Box: The Best Surprise Box For Kids

Let’s first get to know the Blokees transformer toys surprise  box, a unique package of fun and thrill. It offers a series of collectible figures combining the excitement in the surprise  boxes.

Each box of the Blokees transformer toys is an exciting collection of Transformers Blokees Figures. They are crafted with precision and attention to detail. Your kids can choose Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Prowl , Megatron , Grimlock, Starscream whatever they love.  

Your kids can discover uniquely designed assembly character toys that they can assemble by themselves. No need for messy tools, glue, brushes, or cutters, kids assemble with ease by snapping the bricks together.

Moreover, the items are also made of high-quality materials like high-quality ABS plastic. That is why the figures are durable and detailed.

Blokees Transformer Toys Surprise Box are not just collectibles. They inspire the creativity of your kids, a way of storytelling and imaginative play.

So, what to think twice. Get your kids Blokees Transformer Toys Surprise Box and add a fantastic addition to their Transformers legacy.

Blokees Transformers Collections Series

  1. Transformers Galaxy Version 01: Roll Out

Price: $6.99

  1. Transformers Galaxy Version 02: SOS

Price: $6.99

Key Features:

  • High-quality ABS plastic construction
  • Transformative and buildable figures
  • Detailed designs true to the Transformers universe


  • Inspires creativity and imaginative play
  • Encourages fine motor skills through assembly
  • Durable and suitable for play or display


2. Adventure Quest Surprise Box

Adventure Quest Surprise Box

When you are looking for the perfect gift to spark the imagination of your kids and want to keep them entertained for hours to end, then the Adventure Quest Surprise Box is the right choice for you.

You know it is a magical experience that is specially designed for children aged 5 years to 9 years old.

But what are your kids going to get inside? Your children will be offered Surprise Adventure, Puzzle Challenges, Creative Activities, and Treasure Hunt.

The box can offer immersive entertainment longing up to 8 hours and also educational fun. So, just prepare your child for the exciting journey of discovery with the Adventure Quest Surprise Box.

Key Features

  • Imaginative play for kids aged 5-9
  • Includes surprise  adventure, puzzle challenges, creative activities, and a treasure hunt
  • Up to 8 hours of immersive and educational fun
  • Encourages learning and problem-solving skills


  • Engaging and fun with a variety of activities
  • Enhances creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking
  • Perfect for kids aged 5 to 9
  • All-in-one convenience


  • Best suited for children within the 5-9 age range
  • Some activities may require parental supervision


3. Creative Arts Surprise Box:

Creative Arts Surprise Box:

It is another great option of surprise  boxes to choose from for the creative journey of your little kids. They offer a range of surprise  boxes of STEM, arts and crafts, and STEAM-based activity boxes.

These surprise  boxes are suitable for different ages and can be a tie for multiple learning outcomes. At the creative arts surprise  boxes, you can get the mini explorer especially designed for younger children of 2 to 4 years and little learners of 4 to 7 years.

Key Features

  • Surprise boxes for creative journeys
  • Includes STEM, arts and crafts, and STEAM-based activities
  • Suitable for different ages
  • Mini Explorer for children aged 2-4 and Little Learners for ages 4-7


  • Variety of educational activities
  • Enhances creativity and learning outcomes
  • Suitable for a wide age range
  • Tailored boxes for younger children and early learners


  • Best suited for children aged 2-7
  • Some activities may require parental supervision


4. KiwiCo Kiwi Crate

KiwiCo Kiwi Crate

KiwiCo Kiwi Crate is a subscription box that offers children an engaging experience of surprise  solving. It offers various gifts for all ages, especially for toddlers under 2 to teenagers.

You can choose the KiwiCo Kiwi Crate boxes based on the kid's interests like robots, music, mazes, and holiday crafts. The instructions are clear to follow for the children and the projects are fun and age-appropriate.

Key Features

  • Subscription box with engaging surprise -solving experiences
  • Offers gifts for toddlers under 2 to teenagers
  • Boxes tailored to interests like robots, music, mazes, and holiday crafts
  • Clear instructions and age-appropriate projects


  • Wide age range from toddlers to teenagers
  • Varied and fun activities based on kids' interests
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Encourages creativity and problem-solving


  • Subscription required
  • Some activities may require parental assistance


5. Little Passport

Little Passport

Little Passport is the optimum activity kit for your curious kids. It generally offers different subscription options based on the age of your kids and the theme they are interested in.

For instance, Early Explorer. It is suitable for kids aged from 3 to 5 years old and its subscription starts from $20 per month. Similarly to it, Animals Wild is suitable for 4 to 6-year-old children, and HOMER Early Learning Kits for 3 to 6.

Key Features

  • Activity kits designed for curious kids
  • Various subscription options based on age and theme
  • Examples include Early Explorer for ages 3-5, Animals Wild for ages 4-6, and HOMER Early Learning Kits for ages 3-6
  • Subscriptions start from $20 per month


  • Tailored to different age groups and interests
  • Encourages curiosity and learning
  • Affordable subscription options
  • Wide range of themes to engage children


  • Monthly subscription required
  • Limited to specific age ranges and themes


Benefits for Children:

Stimulates Creativity and Imagination

The joy of opening the Surprise boxes captivates and sparks the imagination of the children. It encourages them to make and explore their own stories and adventures. Each item in the box ranging from toys and supplies becomes a piece of a character of their imagination.

Interactive and Engaging

Another allure of the surprise  boxes is that they offer an interactive and engaging experience for kids. The boxes are designed in that way which makes your kids engage actively. The surprises of the surprise  boxes are interactive naturally.

Surprise and Excitement

The joy, fun, and excitement that come with the surprise  box of the kids are enough to create a memorable experience for the kids. As soon as they open the box, their faces brighten up with excitement. They become curious to explore the memorable adventure of fun and joy.

Educational Advantages:

Enhances Problem-Solving:          

The surprise  box not only offers an advantage in the imagination of the children, but also enhances their problem-solving ability. When they open and assemble the surprise , they have to think about how to solve it. It enhances their cognitive skills.

Promotes Critical Thinking

While solving or assembling the surprise  box, the kids have to analyze and make decisions. It is generally based on the items they get in the surprise  boxes. They have to figure out the best way to promote their critical thinking.

Introduces New Concepts

Another educational advantage of the surprise  box is that it introduces new concepts to the kids. The children get to know the new themes and interests in a fun and unexpected way.

Choosing the Right Surprise Box

Well now at this point of the discussion, we have highlighted the important factors to choose the right surprise  box for your little kids. Check it out below.


The first consideration is age appropriateness. You have to ensure that the surprise  box you are choosing, the items are engaging for them. Moreover, it has to be engaging according to the kids' developing age that can align their interests and abilities.

Quality and Safety:

You should get a surprise  box for your kids from a reputable company. That’s because it can ensure that the items inside the surprise  box are high quality and safe for the children. High-quality products ensure durability and peace of mind for parents like you for your kid's safety during play.

Variety and Theme:

Another factor to consider is the variety and theme. You should choose a surprise  box that offers themes and variety to serve your kid's interests. Thus you can encourage them to explore different topics like science, nature, art, and craft.

Fun and Educational Value:  

Go for a surprise  box that offers both fun and education to the playtime of the kids. Surprise boxes are such that entertain the kids and also enhance their cognitive skills. So, keep it in mind while choosing a surprise  box.

Importance of Quality:

You know you should choose a high-quality surprise  box and it is essential for a positive experience. When the items in the surprise  boxes are of good quality, they ensure durability and withstand frequent use. Ultimately, it prolongs their fun time and enjoyment.

Creating Your Own Surprise Box

Creating your own surprise  box can be a great way to enhance the excitement and creativity of the children. So as parents, you can also go for it. but how can you do so, check it out below.

Step 1: First choose a strong but attractive container or box. You can use a gift box, shoe box, or any other container that is easy for you to get.

Step 2: Now select a theme that your kids keep interested in. For instance, a dinosaur theme, a princess theme, or a space theme.

Step 3: Collect and arrange items to keep inside the box. You should choose the items that are age-appropriate and align with the interests of your kids. Moreover, it should have educational value. For instance-

  • Fingerboards
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Squishies
  • Glow toys
  • Grow toys
  • Foamy toys
  • Stuffed sloths
  • educational items
  • Craft Supplies
  • Books

Step 4: Then securely close the box with tape or ribbon to add suspense. You can also add notes or clues that can make your kids excited about the surprise  box.

Step 5: At last, present the surprise  box to your kids in an exciting way. For instance, you can hide it somewhere and make your children find it.

Free Surprise Box Options

No wonder creating the surprise  boxes is the ultimate joy to provide learning and excitement to the kids. But what about you creating a Surprise box for kids free? That will be great right?

There are some ideas and resources that will help parents like you create surprise  boxes without spending money. For instance, you can explore some websites that offer Surprise Box for Kids Ideas and free printable activities, games, or crafts for creating their own surprise  boxes. Such as Pinterest or Fun365.

Other than that, community swaps can be a great way in this journey. You can organize a toy swap or trade with your friends or family to create surprise  boxes for free. Thus you can exchange toys, games, books, and also ideas and themes without even costing any money. You can introduce your children to new and exciting things that they may not have seen before.

Plus, you can join online platforms. Here the parents find and share free surprise  box ideas, concepts, and activities. You can also get printable ideas, and educational content and also share yours. Such a platform can be Blokees Community. You can also refer to the YouTube channels to get the DIY tutorial ideas for creating the surprise  boxes.

Blokees Transformer Toys: A Closer Look

Well now as you see the top surprise  boxes as well as DIY and free creating ideas, let’s take a closer look at the Blokees Transformer Toys. It can be the all-in-one solution and can make you free from all those hassles of choosing or DIY.

Do you know why? Just take a closer look below.

High-quality build and design:

Blokees Transformer Toys stands out among all the brands due to its exceptional quality and design. The toys are made of high-quality ABS materials. Thus it ensures durability and longevity for multiple uses for the kids.

Moreover, the toys feature intricate details and realistic designs that accurately match the characters of the Transformers world.

Ultimate transformative experience

Blokees Transformer Toys are also excellent in providing a dynamic posing experience.It can engage the children due to its unique combination of building and posing capabilities.

As your kids assemble the figures of the Blokees Transformer Toys, they find an engaging way to have a hands-on building experience. What’s more exciting is that once your children assemble it, it can be transformed into different forms of poses .

 So, ultimately apart from entertaining your children, Blokees Transformer Toys enhances their creativity and imagination.

Educational Value

Of course, Blokees Transformer Toys also shines due to its high educational value. When you get your children Blokees Transformer Toys, the process of posing and building the toys enhances their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

As the kids have to follow the instructions to connect the different parts they have to think logically. So of course it fosters their spatial reasoning.

So what to wait more to invest in the Blokees Transformer Toys and watch your kid's playtime turn into a way of learning and creativity.

Surprise Boxes in Education

Wondering what surprise  box in education. Generally, the box collects all the items that are related to the specific theme and the learning objectives. It is typically used in classrooms and helps to enhance the critical thinking skills of the children.

You know the surprise  boxes in education can be an exciting educational tool for the classrooms. That’s because it enhances the curiosity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking of the students.

These surprise  boxes generally contain unknown items and clues that the students have to explore. When the students explore these surprise  boxes in education they can enhance their decision-making process.

That’s why teachers can include these surprise  boxes in their teaching process. For instance, the science teacher can choose a surprise  box that contains science-related items and experimental materials. As for the history or geography lesson, you can also add surprise  boxes containing maps or other relatable things.

It can be advantageous for the kids in several ways. For instance, the teachers can create an engaging environment of learning where the students can become attentive. Moreover, it can help the students to understand and remember the lessons better. Thanks to the surprise  boxes in learning, the students are encouraged to take charge of self-learning and enhance their cognitive skills.


At the end of all that detailed discussion, we must say the Surprise Boxes is an all-in-one package of entertainment and education for kids. Due to its engaging surprises and exciting themes, the surprise  boxes spark the sense of imagination, creativity, and thinking process of the kids.

So, explore the best surprise  boxes that we have brought up to you in this article. But of course don’t forget to try out the Blokees Transformer Toys, an ultimate name of high quality and dynamic posing experience.

Each box is a promise of unique surprises. Just let your kids embrace the thrill of the unknown and watch their excitement and curiosity rise to new heights.

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