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Understanding Surprise Boxes & Detailed Insights

Understanding Surprise Boxes & Detailed Insights

Suprise boxes have been an exciting part of the toy industry for many years, and the Transformer community is no different. We all know how cool and fun Transformer toys are, but what is a surprise box?

The name itself explains what it is. Yes, it’s a box that includes hidden Transformers toys, and you need to buy the box to find out what’s inside. It’s both fun and a mysterious way to collect Transformers toys.

In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about Blokees surprise transformer boxes and what you’ll get inside. Not only that, we have also shared some tips and tricks to get the most out of these boxes. Keep reading to know more!

What is a Surprise Box?

Before we jump into the content, we must know the concept of a surprise box. So, what is a surprise box?

The surprise box is like a surprise gift you buy for yourself. It is exciting and unique in the toy world. When you buy a surprise box, you’ll have no idea what’s hidden inside until you open it. This unpredictability makes the unboxing exciting both for adults and kids.

What you’ll get inside a surprise box? It often includes some collectible items, so customers keep buying the boxes. The surprise boxes often look identical, so you can randomly pick one.

What is the Purpose of a Surprise Box?

The purpose of a surprise box is to create excitement and surprise while collecting toys, too. It is based on the idea of mystery. You have no idea until you open the box. These boxes are This thrill may keep people buying more surprise boxes.

Let’s just admit it —not just kids, but adults, too, love surprises, and that’s the surprise box psychology. Surprise boxes can make people want to buy more, share on social media, and join a community of fans eager to show off their cool finds.

Surprise Boxes in the Transformers Universe

Surprise boxes in the Transformers universe can be very exciting. How? Because you never know what you'll get inside. These boxes are filled with random Transformers figures and accessories, making each unboxing a fun mystery.

Here’s what Blokees has for their customers as a surprise box:

Blokees Transformer Series

1. Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out

Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out

Transformers Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out is a fun set of toys you can build yourself! Each set has 9 cool Transformers figures with one possible secret figure. It is made from safe, eco-friendly ABS plastic. These toys are perfect for kids aged 10 and up. You can move their body to pose them however you like. How cool is that!  

Price: $6.99

Key Features:

  • Easy to put together
  • Includes 9 cool figures (May have 1 secret figure)
  • Unique figures, no duplicates
  • Safe, eco-friendly plastic
  • Classic Transformers toys


  • Great price
  • Fun to collect
  • One surprise figure
  • Easy to build and play with
  • Free shipping on US orders over $99.00


  • Not for kids under 3 years old
  • Adult supervision is needed because small can be swallowed


2. Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 02 SOS

Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 02 SOS

Transformers Galaxy Version 02 SOS is another super cool toy with a surprise box mystery! Each box has different Transformers toys, which are easy to build and perfect for kids aged 10 and above.

Price: $6.99

Key Features:

  • Official Transformers toys
  • Surprise toy in each box
  • Easy to build
  • It comes with a guide to help you put it together


  • Fun and affordable
  • High-quality, detailed figures
  • Easy and fun to build
  • Free shipping on US orders over $99.00


  • Not for kids under 3 years old because of small parts
  • No international shipping


3. Blokees Figures | Transformers Classic Class

Blokees Figures | Transformers Classic Class
Blokees Figures | Transformers Classic Class

Transformers Classic Class figures appeal to older kids and collectors. These figures can be posed differently, letting you pose them however you want. Made from strong ABD plastic, they also light up, making them look cool. Perfect for kids aged 12 and above, these figures are great for any Transformers fan!

Price: $13.99

Key Features:

  • 20+ movable joints
  • Glowing feature available
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to build without tools


  • High-quality and durable
  • It can be posed and played
  • Great for kids and collectors
  • Free shipping on US orders over $99.00


  • Have small parts can swallow
  • Not recommended for kids under 3 years


Top Blokees Transformers Surprise Box Toys

These are some of the figures you’ll get inside surprise box toys:

1. Blokees Transformers Optimus Prime:

Optimus Prime looks can easily be recognized by its red and blue colors. All the small details of the toy make Optimus Prime famous in movies and stories. It meets expectations in appearance and has other features that make it more like a real character.

Key Features:

  • It can do dynamic posing and action
  • Made from premium materials
  • Durable and authentic
  • Hand Cannon provided

Special Feature:

  • Detailed design and paint job.
  • Versatile posing.
  • High-quality, durable ABS materials are used.

Unlock Adventure with Blokees Transformers Optimus Prime – Shop Now!

Unlock Adventure with Blokees Transformers Optimus Prime – Shop Now!
Unlock Adventure with Blokees Transformers Optimus Prime – Shop Now!  

2. Blokees Transformers Bumblebee:

The Blokees Bumblebee toy is a great choice for Transformers fans. It looks cool and fits well with other toys. It's small, only 11.5 centimeters tall. What makes it eye-catching is its special block-style look. This design makes it different from other Transformers toys. Both old and new fans like it because of this.

This toy can move its body in many ways, so fans can make it look like it's fighting. Its eyes light up, showing his bravery when things are tough. On its back, wing-like parts make it look cooler and show how fast and agile Bumblebee is.

Key Features:

  • Fully poseable body
  • Glowing eyes and chest armor
  • Block-style figure that stands out from traditional action figures.
  • Bumblebee is charming, captivating, and a true fighter.

Special Feature:

  • Fully poseable for dynamic poses and action scenes.
  • Glowing eyes enhance the figure's presence.
  • An iconic character is known for bravery and loyalty.
  • Suitable for both display and interactive play
  • Includes wing-shaped features on the back

Transform your playtime with Blokees Transformers Bumblebee!

Transform your playtime with Blokees Transformers Bumblebee!
Transform your playtime with Blokees Transformers Bumblebee!


3. Blokees Transformers Optimus Primal Beast

The Blokees Optimus Primal Beast toy is inspired by the famous Transformers character. It's small, only 8.5 centimeters tall, but you can move its body in many ways to make it look real. The eyes light up, making it look even cooler.

Optimus Primal is well-known for his leadership and strength. He is designed to show his two sides perfectly. When he's in robot form, he looks calm but has great power inside. But when needed, he changes into a strong gorilla mode.

Key Features:

  • Iconic Transformers characters like Optimus Primal
  • Fully poseable figures
  • Glowing eyes
  • Character-driven storytelling from the Transformers universe

Special Feature

  • Iconic Character is a symbol of power and leadership in Transformers lore.
  • Fully poseable body and intricate sculpting.
  • Designed for both display and imaginative play.

Get an Optimus Primal Beast for yourself!

Get an Optimus Primal Beast for yourself!
Get an Optimus Primal Beast for yourself!


4. Blokees Transformers Megatron

The Blokees Megatron toy looks just like the Decepticon leader from Transformers. It's designed to look like Megatron. Just like he is in the stories. The design is detailed, with many little parts painted to resemble Megatron.

The Blokees Megatron toy is special because it includes Megatron's powerful Fusion Cannon. This weapon is really important to Megatron, and it looks just like the real thing, with all its powerful details. You can use the toy in robot form or change it into various poses to recreate exciting battles and moments from Transformers.

Key Features:

  • Detailed design resembling Megatron.
  • Transforms into a realistic handgun.
  • Includes iconic Fusion Cannon.
  • Premium materials for durability.
  • Limited edition collector's item appeal.

Special Feature:

  • Megatron is a central figure in Transformers lore, known for his leadership of the Decepticons.
  • Showcasing intricate and detailed craftsmanship.
  • Powerful Features
  • Limited Edition Appeal

This is a limited edition. Hurry!

This is a limited edition. Hurry!


5. Blokees Transformers Mirage:

The Blokees Mirage figure from the Transformers Classic Class series is a special toy. It looks just like Mirage from the Transformers cartoons. It's about 10.5 centimeters tall and can move in many ways for fun poses. Mirage's glowing eyes and chest panel that lights up make him look real.

Mirage comes with a special weapon that's essential for fighting. The toy has joints and locks that move realistically. This two-in-one feature makes the toy more detailed and attractive to people who love Transformers and its stories about characters.

Key Feature:

  • Dynamic articulation for versatile poses.
  • Glowing eyes and chest panels light up.
  • Includes essential battle weapons.
  • Captures Mirage's dual nature effectively.
  • Ideal size and movement for play.

Special Feature:

  • Glowing eyes and illuminated chest panel.
  • Realistic articulation and poseability.
  • Authentic weapon accessory for battle poses.
  • Captures Mirage's character duality effectively.

Buy your Mirage today!

Buy your Mirage today!
Buy your Mirage today!


6. Blokees Transformers Thundercracker

Transformers Thundercracker is basically a supersonic jet. It is known for its immense strength and supersonic capabilities. Thundercracker stands tall at 5 meters and can change from a giant robot into a fast jet. This cool toy is perfect for battles on land and in the air. With the ability to make loud sonic booms, Thundercracker is a must-have for any Transformers fan.

Key Features:

  • Transforming Supersonic Jet:
  • Powerful icon for his immense strength and power
  • Standing 5 meters tall, Thundercracker commands attention and respect
  • It can shake the ground and disrupt enemies.

Special Features:

  • Designed for intense combat scenarios
  • It can easily transform from a supersonic jet to a towering Decepticon
  • He is a bit of a stubborn character


Blokees Transformers Thundercracker

Buy this cool Thundercracker today!


7. Blokees Transformers Grimlock

Grimlock is the mighty Dinobot commander from the Blokees Transformers surprise box mystery. It is a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex; Grimlock stands tall at 7 meters. His unyielding strength and commanding presence are adored by all the Transformers lovers. Grimlock believes that there is no place for the weak among the victors.

Key Features:

  • It is a tyrannosaurus rex
  • 7 meters long
  • Dinobot Commander in Transformers

Special Features:

  • It can transform from a powerful dinobot commander to a ferocious tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Famous for its strength and determination
Blokees Transformers Grimlock

Get your Grimlock here!


8. Blokees Transformers Arcee

Arcee's fully posable body, with glowing eyes and chest, is 10.5 centimeters long. Don’t let her serene gaze fool you. There lies a hidden tempest of determination. She is graceful and has a strength that emerges when she transforms into her agile and fierce robotic form.

Arcee can stop enemies with her strong will and quick moves that are as surprising as a storm. She knows exactly when to use her skills. Arcee is a natural hunter and an excellent shooter known for her fearless fighting style.

Key Features:

  • It is 10.5 centimeters in height
  • Fully posable body for different poses and actions
  • It has beautiful glowing eyes and chest
  • It has character specific hand and accessories

Special Features:

  • A natural-born hunter
  • Unpredictable and swift movements
  • Known for her precise aim and fearless combat style
Blokees Transformers Arcee
Blokees Transformers Arcee

Buy Your Arcee Now!


How to Make the Most of Your Transformers Surprise Box Experience

Collecting Transformers' surprise box can be an exciting thing to do. But there are some things you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your surprise boxes. Here’s how you can do this:

Tips for New Collectors

Don’t start buying all the boxes at once. Start buying small boxes and then gradually increase the buying. Not only that, don’t just blindly buy boxes. Before buying, research the different series and characters available in the boxes.

It is so easy to get distracted while buying these cool, fun surprise boxes. That’s why we suggest setting a budget before you exceed your expenses already!

Communities about Transformers and Transformers fan groups can be a very helpful way to get engaged and know what’s trending. This can also help you choose to buy a cool surprise box. It might take a long time to get your desired character. Be patient and enjoy the journey.

Keep Track of your Buying

Here’s a secret tip from the collectors: they keep a checklist to mark off which figure they have and are looking for. Also, keep your collections organized and displayed so you don’t buy the same figure twice. Don’t forget to stay updated on Blokees to know about new releases and updates.

Trading and Completing Collections

You can trade your duplicate figure with other collectors. Transformer fan groups can be a very helpful way to trade and sell your duplicate figure. You can also buy from other collectors from these groups.


Now that you know what is a surprise box and all the details of Blokees surprise boxes, it’s your turn to join the community. These surprise boxes are not just toys- they can recall your childhood hobby of collecting transformer models and figures. Unboxing a surprise box not only puts a smile on our faces but also reminds us of the timeless elegance of this toy. They offer a fun journey from starting your collection to connecting with a lively fan community. It's as cool as the figures inside!

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