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Top Exciting Blokees Transformers 2024 Toys

Top Exciting Blokees Transformers 2024 Toys

Top Exciting Blokees Transformers 2024 Toys

Did you know Transformer toys aren't just for kids anymore? They have long been popular with both kids and adults. They turn an ordinary day into an exciting battle between Autobots and Decepticons. Even now, people still love them and see them as icons. These toys are more than just simple playthings for people who truly love them.

As 2024 begins, there is still a lot of excitement about the latest Transformers. This year promises many new and exciting figures and sets. It's the 40th anniversary of Transformers, so the creators have big plans to celebrate. We've seen previews of some new things, but there's much more to come.

Blokees stand out in the Transformers toy market among all these spectacular brands. It is known for its high quality, fine details, and unique designs; Blokees Transformers will be collectors' must-have transformer 2024 toys this year.

In this article, we'll discuss some of the coolest Transformers 2024 toys list. We'll focus a lot on the new toys made by Blokees that transform into different things. This guide will help you find out about the newest and most popular ones!


Blokees Transformer Series

1. Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out

Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out

Transformers Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out is a fun set of toys you can build yourself! Each set has nine cool Transformers characters and one special surprise figure. Made from safe, eco-friendly ABS plastic, these toys are perfect for kids aged 10 and up. You can move their joints to pose them however you like. Collect all the unique figures and have an awesome Transformers collection!


Key Features:

  • Easy to put together
  • Includes 9 classic characters + 1 secret figure
  • Unique figures, no duplicates
  • Safe, eco-friendly plastic
  • Official Transformers toys


  • Great price
  • Fun to collect with a surprise figure
  • Safe for the environment
  • Easy to build and play with
  • Free shipping on US orders over $99.00


  • Not for kids under 3 years old because of small parts
  • No international shipping
  • Handle with care because of small can be swallowed


2. Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 02 SOS

Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 02 SOS

Transformers Galaxy Version 02 SOS is a super cool toy that comes with a surprise! Each box has a different Transformers toys, like Optimus Prime, Starscream, or Grimlock. These toys are easy to build and perfect for kids aged 10 and above. One of the figures is even covered in, making it extra special!


Key Features:

  • Official Transformers toys
  • Surprise figure in each box
  • Easy to build
  • Comes with a guide to help you put it together


  • Fun and affordable
  • High-quality, detailed figures
  • Easy and fun to build
  • Free shipping on US orders over $99.00


  • Not for kids under 3 years old because of small parts
  • No international shipping



3. Blokees Figures | Transformers Classic Class


Blokees Figures | Transformers Classic Class
Blokees Figures | Transformers Classic Class

Transformers Classic Class figures are amazing toys for older kids and collectors. These figures can be posed differently with over 20 joints, letting you pose them however you want. Made from strong ABD plastic, they also light up, making them look super cool. Perfect for kids aged 12 and above, these figures are great for any Transformers fan!

Price: $13.99

Key Features:

  • 20+ movable joints
  • Glowing feature available
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to build without tools


  • High-quality and durable
  • Lots of ways to pose and play
  • Positive reviews from other buyers
  • Great for older kids and collectors
  • Free shipping on US orders over $99.00


  • Have small parts can swallow
  • Avoid for the kids under 3 years


Why You Should Buy Blokees Transformers Figures :

Blokees transformers figures are not just fun toys; they also help kids learn important skills. Building these figures improves hand-eye coordination and teaches kids how to follow instructions. The unique, collectible designs encourage creativity and make for an exciting challenge to collect them all. These toys are perfect for any Transformers fan, offering hours of fun and educational play. Plus, with features like movable joints and glowing effects, kids can enjoy endless imaginative play while displaying their favorite characters in dynamic poses.

Overview of Transformers 2024 Toys

The Transformers toys are still really popular with fans of all ages. In 2024, many exciting things will happen with these famous robots. Some classic toys celebrate the Transformers' long history and new toys with cool technology. A wide variety of Transformers toys is available for everyone who loves them.

In 2024, a big trend is making Transformers toys that appeal to people of all ages. Whether you love the old-school Transformers cartoons or the new movies with CGI, there's a toy for everyone. This year's toys mix classic characters like Optimus Prime and Megatron with new ones from shows like Transformers: Cyberverse. So, everyone can find a Transformers toy they like!

If you love the classic Transformers, wait for the Transformers 2024 toy leaks. These new toys look exactly like the originals. They have all the intricate details of your favorite characters, both in robot mode or can be transformed into different poses. The designs are so detailed they'll make you feel like you're back in the old days of Transformers!

But it’s not just about reminiscing old memories. The series keeps finding new ways to be creative and use new ideas. One big change is how they're making toys that connect with technology.

Collector's editions are made just for those passionate fans. They are special releases with limited numbers. These editions have amazing paint jobs that make the characters look real. They also come with accessories that add more to the Transformers' stories. Some even have new character designs not found in regular releases.

Blokees Transformers are made for a specific group of people who like detailed toys that can change in complex ways. Even though Blokees are smaller than other popular toys, they are very well made. Their detailed designs and difficult transformations make them a fun challenge, especially for serious Transformers fans. Blokees shows why Transformers are still loved.

Top Blokees Transformers 2024 Toys: Most Popular Transformers Characters

These are the top exciting transformer 2024 toys sets:

1. Blokees Transformers Optimus Prime:

At first look, Optimus Prime looks like a powerful big car, easily recognized by its red and blue colors. All the small details of the toy make Optimus Prime famous in movies and stories. It not only meets expectations in appearance but also has other features that make it more like a real character.

Key Features:
  • Articulated joints for dynamic posing and action
  • Made from premium materials
  • Durable and authentic
  • Hand Cannon provided
Special Feature:
  • Detailed design and paintjob.
  • Dynamic articulation for versatile posing.
  • High-quality, durable ABS materials used.

Unlock Adventure with Blokees Transformers Optimus Prime – Shop Now!


Unlock Adventure with Blokees Transformers Optimus Prime – Shop Now!

2. Blokees Transformers Bumblebee:

The Blokees Bumblebee toy is a great choice for Transformers fans. It looks cool and fits well with other toys. It's small, only 11.5 centimeters tall. What makes it eye-catching is its special block-style look. This design makes it different from other Transformers toys. Both old and new fans like it because of this.

This toy can move its body in many ways, so fans can make it look like it's fighting. Its eyes light up, showing his bravery when things are tough. On its back, wing-like parts make it look cooler and show how fast and agile Bumblebee is.

Key Features:
  • Fully poseable body
  • Glowing eyes and Chest armor
  • Block-style figure that stands out from traditional action figures.
  • Bumblebee is charming, captivating, and a true fighter
Special Feature
  • Fully poseable for dynamic poses and action scenes.
  • Glowing eyes enhance the figure's presence.
  • Distinctive design that stands out among other collectibles.
  • An iconic character is known for bravery and loyalty.
  • Suitable for both display and interactive play
  • Includes wing-shaped features on the back

Transform your playtime with Blokees Transformers Bumblebee!


Transform your playtime with Blokees Transformers Bumblebee!
Transform your playtime with Blokees Transformers Bumblebee!

3. Blokees Transformers Optimus Primal Beast

The Blokees Optimus Primal Beast toy is inspired by the famous Transformers character. It's small, only 8.5 centimeters tall, but you can move its body in many ways to make it look real. The eyes light up, making it look even cooler.

Optimus Primal is well-known for his leadership and strength. He is designed to show his two sides perfectly. When he's in robot form, he looks calm but has great power inside. But when needed, he changes into a strong gorilla mode.

Key Features:
  • Iconic Transformers characters like Optimus Primal
  • Fully poseable figures
  • Glowing eyes and chest
  • Character-driven storytelling from the Transformers universe
Special Feature
  • Iconic Character is a symbol of power and leadership in Transformers lore.
  • Fully poseable body and intricate sculpting.
  • Designed for both display and imaginative play.

Get an Optimus Primal Beast for yourself!


Get an Optimus Primal Beast for yourself!

Get an Optimus Primal Beast for yourself!

4. Blokees Transformers Megatron

The Blokees Megatron toy looks just like the Decepticon leader from Transformers. It's designed to look like Megatron. Just like he is in the stories. The design is detailed with many little parts and painted to look exactly like Megatron.

The Blokees Megatron toy is special because it includes Megatron's powerful Fusion Cannon. This weapon is really important to Megatron, and it looks just like the real thing, with all its powerful details. You can use the toy in robot form or change it into various poses to recreate exciting battles and moments from Transformers.

Key Features:
  • Detailed design resembling Megatron.
  • Transforms into a realistic handgun.
  • Includes iconic Fusion Cannon.
  • Premium materials for durability.
  • Limited edition collector's item appeal.
Special Feature:
  • Megatron is a central figure in Transformers lore, known for his leadership of the Decepticons.
  • Showcasing intricate and detailed craftsmanship.
  • Powerful Features
  • Limited Edition Appeal

This is a limited edition. Hurry!


This is a limited edition. Hurry!

Pricing and Availability

Blokees Figures | Transformers Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out is available at $6.99.

5. Blokees Transformers Mirage:

The Blokees Mirage figure from the Transformers Classic Class series is a special toy. It looks just like Mirage from the Transformers cartoons. It's about 10.5 centimeters tall and can move in many ways for fun poses. Mirage's glowing eyes and chest panel that lights up make him look real.

Mirage comes with a special weapon that's essential for fighting. The toy has joints and locks that move realistically. This two-in-one feature makes the toy more detailed and attractive to people who love Transformers and its stories about characters.

Key Feature:
  • Dynamic articulation for versatile poses.
  • Glowing eyes and chest panels light up.
  • Includes essential battle weapons.
  • Captures Mirage's dual nature effectively.
  • Ideal size and movement for play.
Special Feature:
  • Glowing eyes and illuminated chest panel.
  • Realistic articulation and poseability.
  • Authentic weapon accessory for battle poses.
  • Captures Mirage's character duality effectively.

Buy your Mirage today!


Buy your Mirage today!
Buy your Mirage today!
Price Range and Availability

Blokees Transformers toys are priced across different ranges based on their size, complexity, and exclusivity.

  1. Basic Figures: $6.99

Series: Galaxy Version 01 Roll Out, Galaxy Version 02 SOS

  1. Classic Class Figures: $13.99

Series: Classic Class

Factors Influencing Price

  1. Size:

Large figures, like the ones in the Classic Class series, cost more. This is because they use more material and have more details.

  1. Complexity:

Figures with more complex designs, multiple points of articulation, and additional features like glowing parts and accessories.

  1. Exclusivity:

Limited editions or special figures, like the figures in the Galaxy series, are produced in small numbers. They are produced at a ratio of 1:36, which means only one secret figure is made for every 36 regular figures make it rare .

  1. Assembly and Play Features:

Figures that are easy to put together without any tools and have extra play features, like movable joints and parts you can move.

  1. Materials:

The use of high-quality ABS plastic ensures durability and safety, increasing the overall cost of the figures.

Where to Buy:

To buy Transformers 2024 toys, consider shopping at trusted online stores. is the official store and often has exclusive releases.

Finding Deals:

If you're looking to find great deals on transformers 2024 toys price, first compare prices across different retailers using price comparison tools. This will help you identify where to get the best price for the toys you want.

Secondly, consider signing up for newsletters from online toy store. These newsletters often include alerts about upcoming sales, promotions, and discounts on Transformers toys.

Another useful tip is to join collector communities on forums and social media platforms. These communities can provide insider tips on where to find the best deals and even rare Transformers figures.


The Future of Transformers Toys

The upcoming Transformers Toys 2025 is constantly evolving because of new materials, technology, and designs. One new trend is using better materials that make toys stronger and more realistic. Toy makers are trying out advanced plastics and mixtures that can bend more and have more details while still being strong.

Character designs are changing, too. They are becoming more detailed and accurate, showing Transformers from old and new series. This change is because fans and collectors want real designs that bring back memories.

Upcoming releases in the Transformers toy line are generating buzz within the community. Rumors suggest new waves of figures based on popular story arcs and character redesigns.


The Future of Blokees

Blokees plays a significant role in the Transformers toy market. They will work on making Transformers change shape even better and using new materials. Blokees wants to add special collectibles and high-end series for serious collectors. They'll follow what people want to stay on top in the Transformers toy market. They promise each new toy will be top-quality and packed with new ideas

The newest Transformers toys can now use augmented reality (AR) to make kids' favorite characters appear real. Hasbro is also looking into using artificial intelligence (AI) to make playing with the toys more fun and interactive. As technology improves, we'll likely see even cooler and more exciting Transformers toys soon.

Not only that! Hasbro and Target have teamed up to bring something special for Transformers’ 40th Anniversary: Transformers Generations Target Optimus Prime and Autobot Bullseye. This exclusive collaboration showcases the famous leader of the Autobots, who transforms into a car with just few steps.

The figure even includes an accessory for the Matrix of Leadership. As a bonus, you also get an Autobot Bullseye figure. It changes from a dog into a mailer package inspired by the beloved Target symbol.


Transformers Toys: More Than Just Toys

Transformers toys have grown beyond just toys and are now highly prized by collectors. Brands like Blokees are known for making top-notch toys known for their strong build and careful design.

These toys are loved for their tough materials. They use sturdy plastics and even parts that are chosen to last a long time and feel real. This focus on quality means Transformers toys can handle rough play and stay valuable as collectibles.

The clever engineering of Transformers toys also makes them special. They can be changed from default characters to different poses. This smart design makes playing more fun and challenges collectors who like figuring out how things work.

The excitement of Transformers starts with opening the box. Plus, Transformers bring people together. Transformers toys aren't just for playing—they stand for being well-made, cleverly designed, and a way to connect with others. With their strong materials, smart designs, and exciting changes, they're loved by collectors all over the world.


The Transformers Community

The Transformers community is strong both online and in person. Fans come together to share their love for these famous robots.

On the internet, Transformers fans gather on sites like TFW2005 and The Allspark. They discuss everything from new toys and collectibles to stories and shows. Facebook and Twitter also have groups where fans share their collections, art, and ideas. These places let fans from around the world connect and chat instantly.

Events like BotCon (now called TFcon) and other local conventions bring fans together every year. These conventions give fans chances to meet other collectors, join panels with creators and voice actors, dress up as their favorite characters, and shop for rare toys.

The Transformers universe itself helps create this community by offering many stories, characters, and collectibles that fans love. Hasbro also stays connected with fans through official channels and partnerships, which adds to the shared excitement about Transformers.

The Transformers community is known for being welcoming and creative. Fans of all ages gather online or in-person to celebrate their love for robots that transform into different possible poses or creatures. They make friends and memories beyond being online or in person.


The Power of Play: A Gateway to Learning

Building toys like Lego sets or construction kits helps children feel empowered and engaged. When they finish a tough project, it shows them they can do hard things and makes them confident in themselves.

Playing with building toys also helps kids solve problems. They learn to try different things, change their plans, and keep going even when things don't work out at first. These experiences teach them to bounce back from mistakes and learn from them. Overcoming challenges with building toys helps kids learn how to think hard and keep trying, which are really important skills for dealing with problems as they grow up.

Building toys isn't just for fun; it helps kids prepare for the future, too. It encourages kids to think in new ways, be creative, and plan things out, which are important for doing well in school and later in their jobs.


Blokees: A Brand with a Mission

Blokees is not just a toy company. It blends its mission with excellence, innovation, and making learning fun through play. It focuses on making high-quality toys and pays attention to every detail. It works with famous brands like Disney, Hasbro, Pokemon, Ultraman, and Transformers to create products loved by fans around the world.

Blokees believes in the power of building and creativity. They want to inspire kids to create and design things. Their toys are designed not only to entertain but also to teach. Kids can learn problem-solving, how things fit together, and the joy of making their ideas real.

In the future, Blokees plans to add more educational toys that help kids learn through play. They want to make kits and models that are fun, challenging, and educational. This encourages children to explore science, technology, engineering, and math.

Blokees is a brand that wants to improve kids' lives by mixing fun with learning. It is known for quality, innovation, and helping kids be creative and learn STEM skills. Blokees plans to keep growing and making learning fun for kids everywhere.



What is the oldest Transformer toy?

Answer: Generation One refers to the original Transformers from 1984 to 1993. These robots started from Japanese toys in the '80s called Micro Change and Diaclone.

What age are Transformers toys suitable for?

Answer: Transformers toys cater to various age groups:

  • Preschool (Ages 3-5): Simple designs with large parts and easy transformations.
  • Younger Children (Ages 5-8): More detailed transformations, safe for small hands.
  • Older Children (Ages 8-12): Intricate designs that challenge motor skills.
  • Teenagers and Collectors (Ages 12+): Highly detailed, collector-grade toys with complex transformations.

Always follow age recommendations for safety and developmental appropriateness

Who owns Transformers toys?

Answer: Transformers is a media franchise produced by American toy company Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy.

What toy was before Transformers?

Answer: The Transformers started with Japanese toys in the 1980s. These toys could change from default character into various poses , electronics, or weapons. Hasbro bought these toys and worked with Takara, a Japanese company.



In 2024, Blokees Transformers released its best lineup yet. In this collection, they've combined old favorites with new ideas. These toys have intricate designs and can transform easily, appealing to old and new fans.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-quality materials and details
  • Unique transformations and designs
  • Limited edition models
  • Appeal to both children and adult fans

Check out Blokees Transformers to see the latest in toy technology and design. Keep up with new releases to build your collection. Whether you love classic characters or new transformations, there is something that will excite you.

Visit Blokees Transformers now to see these creative toys in action. Join other fans in celebrating these amazing pieces. It's going to be an exciting year for Transformers!

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